Simply Southern by Cappy Hall Rearick

Set in the Mississippi Delta in 1930, Nora Clayton’s story is about love, hate and redemption, told with humor and built around a young spirited woman her determined to better herself despite her background. Seldom Seen is a house named by her siblings. Just after moving there, it takes on an impiety and quicky becomes a sinister character in the story. Defenseless against a brutal father, Nora soon discovers that he has murdered a Bible salesman. Convinced that hell is rooted in the house, she leaves in hopes of finding a better life, one that will enable her to become the woman she was born to be.

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Simply Southern by Cappy Hall Rearick

Reminiscent of TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD,a brother and sister come of age in a small South Carolina town during the turbulence and unrest of the 50's and 60's. Set in the deep South, the two siblings grow up with rules set by their parents, but they mature by learning about life from a different perspective.

Reflections of my own Self Actualization, May 20, 2009

By Jackson Blanton

Cappy Hall Rearick's Return to Rocky Bottom is a masterful recollection of growing up in the small-town South with a gut-wrenching finale that becomes a catharsis for her own lemmings-ness. Her previous books, rich with stories to tickle our funny bone with only-in-the-South names and expressions, set the stage for our understanding of a way-of-life and mentality that is uniquely Southern. With this book, she has taken her place as heir to Faulkner, Welty, Capote, and Conroy as Chronicler of Southern Life. This book is a WOW!

Another great book from a Southern treasure of an author., May 3, 2009
By J. T. Cooper

Rocky Bottom was a small cove that was shallow enough for children to learn to swim. The two main characters are Scrappy Sandifer and his younger sister, Boo. They lived in a small town in South Carolina with their mother and their father, who was chief of police for the town. There are some fascinating characters, including their somewhat irrational Aunt Polly and her two suitors. There is a crazy (in their mind) dog named Kudzu. How Kudzu died and where the boy buries him are touching stories, but with a lot of humor. Scrappy has many adventures with some other boys, the River Rats and his mother orders a pair of shoes from Frederick's of Hollywood that didn't work out for her. Each chapter is funnier, in a Southern way, than the previous one. Both children grow up and in the end we are left with a warm and fuzzy experience as they grow up. It reminds me a little of the two children in To Kill a Mockingbird.
If you value your sleep, don't start reading this book in the evening because you won't be able to put it down. Cappy Hall Rearick is, truly a Southern treasure to those of us who are her devoted fans. She combines humor, human nature, tragedies, and a description of the turbulent 1950's and 1960's into her writings.
Buy the book in bulk and give it to the special people in your life. They will love it.

A Keeper! May 27, 2009

By B.G. Williamson

Rocky Bottom is a favorite shallow area of the Cherokee River where children play and learn to swim. Scrappy and Boo Sandifer have a mixture of friends and relatives who populate the fictional town of Greenburg, South Carolina where folks work hard and are neighborly.

Hilarious moments and unexpected consequences evolve throughout the book, giving the reader a feeling of having gone back to a memorable time and place. These two children and their friends see that their known world is changing day by day. And, most of the time, just growing up leaves them (as well as the reader) with learned lessons about life and themselves.

This book is a "keeper" for both adults and children. Enjoy! 

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Simply Southern by Cappy Hall Rearick Simply Southern Ease: more humor, insights and fun from a good old southern gal (Paperback)

Cappy Hall Rearick writes with warm love and humor about her life and the people in it. Her previous books, Simply Southern and Simply Christmas, have delighted readers all over North America. You will feel the spirit of the South as you mosey down her uncommon ground with husband Babe, their overweight dog, Tallulah Blankhead, and their sad cat, Sophie Sorrowful. Cappy Hall Rearick is the new voice of the South.

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Simply Southern by Cappy Hall Rearick


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Simply Southern by Cappy Hall Rearick

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